Yvonne Okoro expresses desire to become an ambassador for women football

Popularly Ghanaian actress Yvonne Okoro has revealed her aspiration to be an ambassador for Women’s football when the truncated Ghana football resumes.

The game of football has been dominated by the male gender for decades and while a great deal of work has been done to increase football participation and interest among females, much more effort is still needed in developing women’s football, specifically in Ghana.

In an interview on Asempa FM’s Ladies Time show, the renowned actress said, ”I would love to be an ambassador for women’s football when the game resumes”.

Okoro further stated that she was willing to create awareness of the Women’s game which has been neglected by the football populace.

“It is my hope that women’s football will get the needed support to take a step ahead.”

In terms of the patronage and attention, males have always had a greater share of the support compared to females and even with some effort made to bridge the gap, the situation remains unchanged.

However, Okoro implored the GFA Normalization Committee to ensure that players on the local scene are paid well when football resumes in Ghana.

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