You Have a Poor Sense Of judgement, Don’t Impose Another Wrong Person on Edo People* NRM Berates Adams Oshiomole.

*You Have a Poor Sense Of judgement, Don’t Impose Another Wrong Person on Edo People*

NRM Berates Adams Oshiomole.

The Campaign Spokesman of   National Rescue Movement, NRM, Pastor Shedrach Oka has roundly berated the former National Chairman of the  All Progressive Congress, APC, Comrade Adams Oshiomole for saying that he regretted imposing Godwin Obaseki on Edo state.

In a press release this afternoon, Pastor Oka said

“It is not only hurtful but it is regrettable that after four years of silence, the ever loquacious Adams Oshiomole is coming out to say that he was wrong by imposing Godwin Obaseki on the good people of Edo State.

” We at the NRM, however, noted with sadness, that Oshiomole is not even regretting his actions  because he felt a sense of remorse but be he was disgraced out of office by his former godson and protege .

Oka further added that,

“After Twelve years of bad governance and corruption which he , Oshiomole instituted , the former APC national chairman is back at his game again.

” He now want Edo people to vote for someone who he said that Edo should not trust with their finances or votes .

“The comrade want Edo to vote for a ” thief”, in Adams own words, so that he can come up after another four years of misrule to say that he also regretted asking people to vote Pastor Ize Iyamu for Governor. However, this won’t even happen as the candidate of the APC stands decimated by the plethora of corruption case facing him at the courts.

The NRM Governorship Campaign spokesman then urged the electorates not to be taken in by Comrade Oshiomole’s deluded sense of godfatherism as he has always exhibited poor sense of judgement in who and what is good for Edo state.

Oka further asked the people of the state to repose their confidence and trust in a younger, vibrant, trustworthy and honest man who has the electorates as his godfather.

“Here in Edo state, we have the man trusted, tested, lived up to expectations of the people by hard work .

” Stevie Ozono is the man that the good people of Edo has pushed forward as their only candidate.

“The Edo people are Ozono’s godfathers, he would do their bidding and nothing more .I therefore urge those that have not qued into the  NRM vision to quickly do so as the train of good governance, prosperity and trust has kicked off,.he said.

To Comrade Oshiomole he concluded by saying ” come September 19, it will be clear to Oshiomole and his gangs that the people were dead serious when they said ‘Edo No Be Lagos”.

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