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Xandy Kamel Is Not Qualified To Audition Someone – Nebu Ur Majesty

Nebu Francis in an interview with hitzbitzgh monitored by internewsnetwork.com over the weekend made some statements in regards to an audition which took place during the week.

He stated:

Looking at the video i can boldly say Xandy is not a professional and she is not even qualified to be in a movie or directing,

I have been in the movie industry for God knows how long but seeing such things always makes me feel so sad for our industry,I also suggest the parents of this lady who was asked to strip naked to take charges against Xandy and her team.

She has to be punished and there is no need featuring her in any movie or even inviting her for an interview.

Xandy is fake and not qualified to be in our movie industry am saying it here and am going to say it any day anywhere.


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