WWE Rumors: Deal with Saudi Arabia could potentially cause the company some huge issues later this year

What’s the story?

WWE is just three shows into their 10 year deal with Saudi Arabia, but since the country has now asked for all upcoming pay-per-views to take place on a Friday night, WWE may have to split their roster.

In case you didn’t know…

WWE is in the process of changing networks and when SmackDown Live changes over to FOX, it will be moved back to Friday nights, a day that the show used to take place on as a pre-taped episode, before the company changed to the live format a few years ago.

Monday Night Raw will remain on Monday nights but this change of day could cause issues for WWE if Saudi Arabian officials are not happy to allow them to perform in their country on a different day.

The heart of the matter

When WWE moves SmackDown Live to Fox on October 4th, it will be presented on a Friday night, according to a report by The Wrestling Observer. This means that the upcoming show in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on 11/1 could be forced to use a split roster.

“A note that hasn’t been brought up regarding the Saudi Arabia shows going forward is that Saudi Arabia has asked for date on Fridays, and WWE starting in October has FOX on Fridays. Right now for 11/1, the WWE has a listing for a FOX show from Newark, NJ and a show in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and King Saad University Stadium. So that would either mean split crews or they’d have to change the Saudi date” via Cultaholic.

What’s next?

WWE’s deal with Saudi Arabia continues for another eight years, which means that the company will have to be smart to be able to pull two shows off in two different countries on the same day.

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