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WWE NEWS: Can Sasha Banks continue to control the narrative?

Upon her return a few weeks ago, Sasha Banks made it clear that she wants people to be talking about her, and for reasons other than whatever hypothetical tears she shed in a New Jersey locker room.

The Boss is out for the bag, having mangled Natalya in the ring last week while sending the very clear implication that her true target is Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch. The Man has remained uncharacteristically distant so far, lobbing insults from afar while taking credit for Sasha’s renewed relevance: A challenger is only as good as her champion, after all.

She may have a point there, but Lynch should know better than anyone that getting the attention of the crowd is the first step to domination. Sasha will come knocking on her door, and Becky must be ready to go if she wants to control the narrative the way she has all year.

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