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WWE – AJ Styles’ reaction to his theme song revealed

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What’s the story?

WWE – AJ Styles’ reaction to his theme song revealed:

John Alicastro and Mike Lauri, better known as ‘CFO$’, are the duo responsible for creating the theme songs of your favourite WWE superstars. They were guests on the latest edition of the Sam Roing Podcasberts Wrestlt, and they spoke about a variety of topics.

According to them, AJ Styles was an instant fan of his theme song. We bring you his thoughts, in the comments below.

In case you didn’t know…

AJ Styles has been a lifelong fan of rap music, and therefore, his theme song was customised according to his preference. Styles has been using his latest theme- ‘Phenomenal’ since he made his debut at the Royal Rumble last year.

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It is interesting to note that Styles has been using the ‘Phenomenal’ moniker long before he joined WWE.

The heart of the matter

According to John Alicastro, AJ Styles took an instant liking to his theme:

He was all about that song when he first heard that. It wasn’t like a, ‘oh, change this, change this.’ It was one of those things where we had the song and it was like, ‘done, that’s it. Perfect

The duo was also full of praise for Triple H, a man who has given them a lot of creative freedom to come up with their songs. While he may point them in the right direction, ultimately he gives them a lot of freedom to pursue whatever direction they want to take.

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What’s next?

With newer superstars joining the NXT system continuously, expect CFO$ to be very busy indeed. Considering just how creative they have been, we can see many more hits in the future.

Author’s take

I am not a fan of rap music myself, and so I’ve never been able to identify with AJ Styles’ theme song.

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With regard to their theme songs, I really enjoy Bobby Roode’s ‘Glorious Domination’ intro. I think we still haven’t seen the best work from this talented duo.

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