Why would I live a fake life when I have money to lavish on myself? – Angela Okorie

The question of Nollywood actors living a fake life and pretending to be wealthy on Instagram has been under constant discussion for a while now.

Crossover actor, Kelvin Ikeduba even recently shared a video where he called out his colleagues who don’t amount to nothing in real life but show off on social media.

Actress, Angela Okorie in a chat with Punch Newspaper has made it clear that she does not belong to this group of people who fake it for the gram. She said, “For the people who live fake lives, that’s their personal decision and they should continue living that way (if it pleases them). Why would I live a fake life when I have money to lavish on myself and do whatever I want? Backbiting and envy are normal things in the movie industry. You’re welcome to a world where being fake is a routine. When we see them (people who do such), we know them.”

On getting major criticism from online followers, Okorie said, “I am used to cyber bullying. Sometimes, I keep quiet. But if someone does something wrong, I have to address it. If I post something and you make a bad comment about it, or you try to shame me, I will give it back to you in the same manner.”

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