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Why We’re Still Worried About Age Gap Relationships

The first issue that outsiders take with age gap relationships, sometimes known as May-December relationships, is a feeling of exploitation.

It’s hard for people to imagine an age gap relationship existing without a conditional reason, like money, sex or lifestyle

When a relationship is stereotyped as something other than loving and caring, it’s easy to judge and speculate.

Younger people are often more critical of these relationships, despite what changes in society and thought would have us believe

This is likely because younger folks are more wrapped up in reputation, and feel that they have more to lose when they’re judged by others.

Onlookers also get uncomfortable when they compare age gap relationships to parent-child relationships, which happens a lot.

The work has to happen there to help feel connected to this new person, making sure people get beyond the sense of how it looks on paper and getting personal with it

It’s clear that while age gap relationships remain controversial, they continue to happen and successfully

We can’t accurately judge celebrity relationships or use our opinions about people we don’t know to form opinions about the people we interact with every day.

Plenty of age gap relationships have publicly failed, but, it goes without saying, so have many same-age relationships.

By: Tamitope Adeniran/internewsnetwork.com

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