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Why Nigeria is chosen by WHO and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for their Covid-19 vaccine test.

Why Nigeria is chosen by WHO and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for their Covid-19 vaccine test.


Reports from unconfirmed sources have it that the people who have volunteered to serve as specimens to test the vaccine for the rampaging Covid-19 pandemic died days after being injected with the vaccine.
So, the next option is to test it in Nigeria as suggested by the director general of the world health organisation, Dr Tredos Ghebreyesus. Some Nigerians have wondered why it is not tested in the director’s home country, Ethiopia. I don’t wonder. I know that Nigeria presents the ideal

pecimen reserve for such a sinister exercise.
I will tell you why they have to test it in Nigeria.
1. My people say that if you use your plate to evacuate rubbish, your neighbor will help you use it that way. The Nigerian state has never respected its citizens, historically. The state considers it a sin, a mortal one to be powerless in Nigeria. It dehumanises it’s own people, abuse its own people and pronounces them unfit among humans.
An example is this; bandits shoot down Nigerians on the roads, in their farms etc. The state looks the other way. Herdsmen slaughter people in their native lands but the state hasn’t deemed it fit to protect its citizens. Rather, there have been excuses given by the government for the campaign of carnage which range from the attacks being a foreign invasion to local farmers being obstacles to cattle grazing. Human lives are worth more than cows’.
In the words of Leonardo DiCaprio as Danny Archer in the movie Blood Diamond, ‘killing each other is a way of life…’ in Nigeria.
Boko Haram members who have killed scores of Nigerians are rewarded, upgraded and thanked.
While the Boko Haram members are given presidential handshakes, their
victims are homeless, destitute and distraught.
The security forces hate the people. They kill them at will without consequences of any kind. SARS, army and the police who are paid by the tax payers relish killing the people at the least provocation. Recently, enforcing the lockdown has led to the unfortunate death of some Nigerians at the hands of their own security forces.
The most appalling lack of respect for the people happened in this lockdown. With the billions of naira in donations coming into the coffers of the government, one would have thought that the government would, for once, put a smile on the faces of her deliberately impoverished populace by way of providing palliative provisions for them.
But, not the Nigerian government. I have seen pictures of people begging for food during the lockdown. Yet, the government mocks the people by saying none is hungry.
The Nigerian president has called Nigerians lazy and corrupt in international forum on several occasions. He said so with so much confidence that you wonder if he came from another country to beg the same people for their votes in 2015.
At all levels, people who hold any political, economic, military or paramilitary power uses the opportunity to victimize the people, dehumanise them and get away with it.
Foreigners are not left out. With state backing, they treat Nigerians with disdain. They are the bullies who use police escorts, they cheat their workers and sometimes inflict mental and bodily harm on them. Most of those things they cannot try in their homelands. All kinds of inhumanity conceived by man find experimentation in Nigeria.
2. The Nigerian people themselves are the most surprising people on earth. They do not have the ability to say no. They never have enough of any abuse.
What’s more surprising is the poor oppressing the poor. The underpaid policeman thinks he is superior to the civilian because he wears a uniform and carries a gun. He sees every crisis as an opportunity to oppress the civilians.
Nigerians are a people who are known to love suffering, mass deaths, oppression and dehumanization. Everyday it is ‘God dey’.
They are the praying people who expect God to come down and feed them, yet are divided by religion and tribes.
A people who would abuse and attack anyone standing up against the distortions in the system. A people more concerned about religion than godliness. A people who are infinitely docile.
The international community sees this abuse, weird docility and cretinous resilience among the people and their state. It processes this information on a daily basis.
So, now you tell me why such a country would not be the first to come to your mind when considering testing a venomous vaccine.

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