A sub chief of Weija Ashankpokoashie, Nii Dzanor Kwei has petitioned President Akuffo Addo and Inspector General of Police as a matter of urgency to transfer some of the police personnel at Ngleshie Amanfrom-Weija Police Station at Kasoa toll booth because they are involving themselves in land and chieftaincy issues.
Speaking to the press, Nii Dzanor Kwei claimed that some of the police personnel at that police station are in bed with unscrupulous people who have no land in that area to intimidate the chiefs.

Nii Dzanor Kwei lamented that some of the police personnel go to the extent of insulting and manhandle the chiefs who are the true owners of the land, “We do not have respect any more in the eyes of the policemen who are at Kasoa Toll except the commander, as for him, he is very good, just that some of the police are more powerful than him so they do not listen to him when he speaks”, he add.

The chief was of the view that the duty of a police personnel is to prepare a docket of a case appeared before him and send it to court for judgement to be pronounced by a competent court of jurisdiction but those police who are at the Ngleshie Amanfrom-Weija police station do not give a damn to what the law says and they do things without recourse to their core mandate as security personnel..
These policemen, according to the Chief ignore the laws of the land and sit on land cases at their office and skew judgement against the chiefs and the traditional leaders in the area, as a result, he is calling on the IGP and the president to intervene else they will advise themselves because according to him, they will not sit down unconcern for the police to give the land their fore fathers fought for them to aliens and real estate developers.

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