“Powerful Youth of NDC Nationwide” has today 8/8/2018, through a press release asked the current leaders of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) to step aside for new leaders to ensure victory in 2020 General Elections.


The NDC suffered our most humiliating and painful electoral in the 2016, since the advent of the 4th Republic. Elsewhere in responsible societies, the leaders who led us into this painful and humiliating defeat would have resign and allow the party to elect new leaders to put things right.
In this regard, we salute comrade Kofi Adams, the National Organiser of our party, who was also the campaign coordinator for honourably and responsibly bowing out of the race to lead the party.

It is painful and insulting to see posters of the leaders who led us to defeat moving around telling party faithfuls to elect them lead the party, instead of humbly resigning their position. Is it not surprising to see the likes of comrades Betty Mould Iddrisu, Solomon Nkansah, Joshua Akamba, Mahdi Jibrine, Anita Desouso and the list keeps going up. Same scenarios are playing out in the regions. To these comrades, you better bow out gracefully or face an embarrassing youth revolt. Akamba and Mahdi are you not the deputies to comrade Adams? To the others, were you not in charge?
Though we speak of unity but our leaders must not be held responsible and account for their stewardship. Please if you fail to leave gracefully be ready to face us and be embarrassed publicly.

Where is Our Results?
To the former president H. E John Mahama, did you provide funds and elections materials to the leaders for the campaign? If no then you have lot of questions to answer. If yes then, our leaders must be ready to answer the numerous question begging for answers.
We the Powerful youth call on all progressive Youth groups and individuals and senior comrades to join us to demand accountability from these leaders from regional to national. A responsible party produces a responsible government. The Npp and it’s leaders have made lies their hallmark and has thus produce a lying government. We the NDC must set the high standards for others to follow. We must hold our leaders to account, we stand ready to purge the party of non-performing leaders who think we can be taken for granted.


The President of the Powerful Youth of NDC Nationwide.

Seth Okyere

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