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Watch video as how Rawlings flying a plane under the Adomi bridge

Ghanaians didn’t hear good new on Thursday, as Former President JJ Rawlings joins his ancestors. He has been described as one of the men who made the peace and serenity we are enjoying today possible.

So many people have taken online to share some of their favorite pictures and moments of him. One of these iconic moments was when He flew a plane under the Adomi bridge. This man who was a flight lieutenant put his special skills on display to show the Ghanaians what is capable of.

JJ Rawlings and the people of Ghana

This event has been described by many as brave and fearless. In the video, JJ Rawlings flew the plane under the Adomi bridge in the Eastern Region with onlookers cheering and applauding his bravery.

The loss of this man is a great knock to the country as the president Nana Addo has declared a week of National mourning from November 13.

Drama also unfolded as a woman who claims she knows how to bring his back to life and should be given the chance.

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