Voting for John Mahama in the Presidential Primaries proves that you want victory for NDC in the 2020 — Parliamentarian Hopeful

Mr. Apatsea Isaac Kwasi former Constituency Secretary of the NDC and Parliamentary Hopeful for Upper Denkyira East in the Central Region of Ghana has predicted that voting for John Mahama in the NDC Presidential Primaries proves that you want victory for NDC in the 2020 general elections.

The former constituency said this because, John Mahama is the best to wrestle power from the NPP government come 2020.

John Mahama is the best to campaign on his projects and policies since he put up the projects and the policies by himself. He has proved that he knows all the constituencies in Ghana by completing his nationwide campaign tours very early.

He again said that all the other six(6) other candidates are well qualified to lead the NDC but voters in Ghana are waiting to push John Mahama to the Jubilee House.

He also advised John Mahama to immediately liaise with the NDC national executives to offer roles for the other six(6) candidate to be part of his victory in 2020 since they all have different expertise to put at his disposal. As this will also bring unity and makes the NDC stronger after the Presidential Primaries.

He once again appealed to the national executives, Regional Executives, Constituency and branch executives to accord John Mahama the needed cooperation after the national Primaries to make the NDC victory in 2020 easy.

He is using thus piece to appeal to John Mahama to as a matter of urgency to monitor the activities of his followers in order not to make his campaign hard for him, so that he will continue to win massive support from Ghanaian voters.

Mr. Apatsea Isaac Kwasi said that John Mahama has the solution to the numerous problems facing Ghanaians and can easily give antidotes to them. Ghana is currently having educational, security,employment, roads, health challenges.


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