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Visually Impaired Persons In Bomi Cry For School, Want Gov’t To Intervene

July 9 .– Persons living with various forms of disabilities, including visual impairment, in Bomi County say it will be life-touching to a have a learning center, calling on the government to come to their aid.

The president of the Blind Association in Bomi, Varney Sherman, made a passionate plead to the Ministry of Education in that regard during an interview with our Liberia correspondent recently in Tubmanburg.

He said since the end of the civil war in Liberia, members of the community of the blind have not benefited from learning opportunity that could empower them, and renew their hopes for a better future.

“We are lacking education as persons with disabilities in Bomi County,” Sherman lamented, and added, “In fact, there’s not a single public or private office here that has employed any of our friends.”

He said it is their right to be educated, and that the government is socially responsible to ensure that happens.

“As persons with disabilities, we would be ‘counted’ in society if we were provided special education that can make us to contribute to the development of our country.”

There are a few schools in Monrovia for the disabled, but activists say more of those learning centers, including vocational ones, need to be set up by authorities in all fifteen counties of Liberia to ensure social inclusivity.

Other issues the disabled community and advocates have been pushing for include the employment of (skilled) persons with impairment in workplaces, and adjustment of architectural works to public buildings by installing ramps to make the structures disabled-friendly.

By: Shadrach D. Brown, Liberia Correspondent

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