VIDEO:Policeman Fight Soldier On The Street

Seems some of our national security personnel display their brawns better than brains. No offence but this video showing a policeman and soldier fighting is unacceptable.
A new addition to their list unsavory behaviors of our security personnel are fighting in the streets among themselves. I bet these two do not have the word ‘shame’ in their dictionary.
A video of two uniformed national security persons engaged in a fist fight has pooped up on the internet. This displeasing incident appeared to have happened in Nigeria.
According to the source, the traffic policeman deflated the car tyres of the soldier for parking wrongly. This didn’t go down well with the soldier who confronted the policeman and that resulted in the two fighting.
Although the video appears comical, it portrays a saddened reality of the security forces which abounds everywhere. This show quick they are to use their fist in solving situations. Reflecting on the Midland incident a similar situation occurred when a policeman thought his brawn was mightier than his brain.
I wished this security personnel would take a cue from their comrades who handled the recent Kumasi demonstrations. They are the real MVP’s.

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