VIDEO: Pilot makes emergency landing on Motorway

The pilot was forced into an emergency landing when their plane went wrong and the safest place to land was a busy motorway.
And footage has now emerged of the unbelievable incident.
In the clip, a woman – identified as Keri Decker – is driving with her family when they see the small craft ahead of them.
As the camera zooms in, the white plane heads into the fast lane to put the wheels down.
“Holy s***,” Keri screams.
But the plane is able to avoid other vehicles, positioned perfectly in the lane.

As the car gets nearer, her husband says: “You don’t see that every day!”
This unbelievable incident occurred in El Cajon, California, US, on Friday morning.
Flying over the Interstate 8’s westbound lanes, a student pilot experienced engine trouble.

His instructor then took control of the Piper propellor aircraft and landed it safely.
No casualties were reported.
Keri, who saw the event unfold in front of her, said: “”My husband and I were driving on the freeway and the plane went over us.
“My husband said it was doing an emergency landing so I got my phone out to record it.
“We later found out that it was a student and instructor and there were engine problems so the instructor took over and did the landing.”
Keri posted the video on Facebook with the caption: “Taking Mason to the dentist and this just happened in front of us on the 8 freeway.
“Major props to these two dudes for landing without any problems.”
It has since been viewed over 3,000 times and viewers could not believe what they saw.
“One of my worst nightmares,” one said.
Another commented: “Wow!”
While a third made a comparison to a popular game.
“Real life GTA,” they added.
This is not the only time planes have gone wrong recently, though.
A passenger flight “dropped 12,000ft in 180 seconds” this morning.
And an aircraft Melania Trump was flying on was hit with a “mechanical issue” mid-air earlier this week.

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Credit: Daily Star

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