Video: Mahama’s advice to National Security

Former president John Mahama was greeted with applause as he spoke out against the havoc that halted the Ayawaso West Wuogon by-election Thursday morning.

“The guys at Ayawaso West Wuogon were armed and running rampage and Ghana’s Police Service couldn’t give them orders,” Mahama said at a campaign event late Saturday evening.

He bashed Ghana’s National Security Task Force for its inability to control the attacks. The “hoodlums” who drove police vehicles to the polling station on that fateful day terrorized innocent civilians and they “did not do anything,” he said. “We will not tolerate this in Ghana,” he exclaimed. “We are for peace, but to enjoy peace, you must be vigilant.”

According to Mahama, the NPP administration has asked that the former president apologise for the actions that took place, but “why should I apologise? Why won’t you condemn the ones who did this?” he questioned.

He continued: “We won’t accept violence in this country. When the chiefs of staff are advising their people they should advise the ones who are instilling violence. Not me.”

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