VIDEO: Lady strips her friend naked over borrowed underwear

A yet to be identified lady has been publicly humiliated by her Friend over a borrowed Underwear. A now viral video is trending showing a young lady visibly angrily pulling the clothes of her friend which she borrowed from her.

We never can tell what really happened, however, we suppose that there was an agreement between them which was breached by the lady who was exposed naked.

It could also be that she never really took permission from her friend or neighbour before she took the underwear or perhaps she took it hoping to return it before her friend returned back.

The video shows the woman who was exposed being humiliated by her friend.

This is a warning not to take what does not belong to one or never to breach and agreement. However, we also believe that two wrongs do not make a right – so her supposed friend was not right in exposing the nakedness of her friend for any reason. The issue could have been settled amicably.

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