Two Lesbians Caned By Malaysian Sharia Court For Chopping Themselves Down In A Car

It might be tempting for Ghanaians to smile at countries which still run the barbaric law dubbed Sharia when they punish the LGBT crowd but it often runs much deeper than that, touching on other barbaric punishments like cutting off of limbs for stealing and punishing adultery with caning or worse.
In Malaysia, two lesbians have been punished by caning after being convicted of having s*x in a car.
Homos*xuality is illegal in the country and the two were convicted by a Sharia court.
Their punishment was six lashes, which was carried out publicly and witnessed by more than 100 people.
The caning has sparked outrage among women and LGBT rights organizations, with Malaysian rights group Women’s Aid Organization telling Reuters news agency that they were “appalled by this grave violation of human rights”
“S*xual acts between two consenting adults should not be criminalized, let alone punished with whipping,” Women’s Aid added.
Incredibly, Islamic authorities claim the caning is not meant to “torture or injure”, but rather to “serve as a lesson to society”.
Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com

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