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Two Ghanaians, Nigerian arrested in Italy for using ‘juju’ to force girl into prostitution

Two Ghanaian immigrants and a Nigerian have been arrested by police in Italy after using black magic to forcibly engage a child in prostitution. is reporting that these Ghanaians and Nigerian had brought the young girl from Nigeria to Italy so they can pimp her into prostitution and make extra money.

Upon refusing to take such an offer, the men started to abuse the lady and even used black magic to get her do the very things she is against.

The names of the Ghanaian are Seate Seth Asare – 32-years-old and Joy Kingsley 48-years old.

According to police officials, the two men plus the woman cast a spell on the young girl thus possessing her spiritually to engage in the trade.

So far, the ministry of foreign affairs is yet to comment on the issue as investigations on all three of them including both Ghanaians continue.

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