Two alleged ‘gay men’ arrested for blackmail

The Kasoa Divisional Police Command has arrested two suspected criminals identified as Sam Aikai, a Liberian and Philip Larbie, a Ghanaian engaging in homosexuality and other fraudulent activities.

Local sources have revealed that these alleged gay partners blackmail their patrons after having sex with them at Gomoa Buduburam in the Gomoa East of the Central region.


“They strip them naked and take videos which they save on their phones or laptops which they later use to blackmail them after the victims get back to their destination,” the police said.

In an interview with the  source, the Kasoa Divisional Police Commander, ACP David Agyeman Adjem said the suspects pose as women on social media platform called ‘Grinder’, lure the men and have sex with them.

“When these men come to Buduburam to meet the supposed female friends, these suspects and their accomplices attack them with guns and cutlasses and rob them. They even sometimes kidnap the victims and demand huge sums of money from their family members before they are released,” he stressed.


ACP Agyeman Adjem, however, called on Ghanaian’s to be vigilante especially those who choose lovers on social media.

Source: Adom News

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