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Trump Visits Workers At Pennsylvania Plastics Plant

Union workers at a new $9 billion Shell construction in Pennsylvania were reportedly told they would have to take a day off without pay if they didn’t show up to President Trump’s speech at the petrochemical plant.

The bombshell claims were made by The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on Friday, three days after Trump’s event at the facility in Beaver County.

Workers were sent a memo claiming that attendance at the rally was “not mandatory” but, according to the publication, “only those who showed up at 7am, scanned their ID cards, and were prepared to stand for hours would be paid”.

One Shell supervisor purportedly wrote to one of his contractors less than 24 hours out from the rally: “NO SCAN, NO PAY”.

The paper further reported that those who skipped Trump’s rally would also fail to qualify for weekly overtime, meaning they missed out on the time-and-a-half hourly rates that usually applies on Fridays.

Meanwhile, the publication also claims that any ‘resistance’ during Trump’s speech would not be tolerated.

One contractor’s talking points – which were used to prepare employees for the President’s visit – reportedly read: ‘No yelling, shouting, protesting or anything viewed as resistance will be tolerated at the event.

An underlying theme of the event is to promote good will from the unions. Your building trades leaders and jobs stewards have agreed to this.’

Trump touted his visit to the Pennsylvania plant as a roaring success.

Surrounded by dozens of cheering employees clad in hi-vis vests, the optics of the event helped hone his image as a champion of blue-collar workers and Rust Belt industries.

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