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Tragedy as couple allegedly dies while sleeping in their friend’s house

In recent developments, a sad occurrence has wiped joy off the faces of Sapele area of Delta

A Nigerian couple simply identified as Mathew and Bose were reportedly confirmed dead in their friend’s house while they passed the night over there.

According to reports by one Sapele Oghenek, the couple went to buy Suya the night before their demise and Mathew was reported to have taken his girlfriend to his friend’s house.

The report further noted that the friend who the duo went visiting allegedly slept in the bedroom with his girlfriend while Mathew and Bose slept in the living room.

Left in shock after he met their lifeless body by morning, he immediately raised an alarm and neighbours around were reported to have flooded the scene.

The police were immediately informed and the bodies of the dead couple were deposited at the mortuary.

Reports in the area, however, have it that the couple may have died as a result of the Suya they consumed the night before and other people opined that they died possibly because of generator fumes they must have inhaled.

As at the time of this report, there are no concrete reports as to the cause or motive behind the death of the young couple.

May God have mercy on their souls.

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