Top 4 Body Language (s) to Make You Attractive

It is important that people should like us. It boosts our confidence. However, most of the people we meet are so much feel important to themselves that they don’t have much love left for others. But how do we convert this attention to us instead of them?

  1. Huge Smile

Smile is so powerful. Therefore, please smile whenever you meet people. It doesn’t necessarily mean you keep grinning. This will not impress them but rather make them think you do this for everyone. Hence when you meet people give a positive warm responsive smile.  This will stimulate a positive feeling and show that you are very glad to meet the person.

  1. Sticky Eyes

Eyes are a very important part of your body when you are meeting people, so don’t break eyes contacts. You should pretend to be glued to the conversation of the other person and this is best shown by your gluey eyes focusing solely on the person. this will however boost the confidence of that person and turn around to make him like you even more. Additionally, after the conversation, don’t look away instantly but rather slowly and reluctantly to show you had been enjoying the conversation.

  1. Do Not Fidget

Fidgeting is not good whenever you are meeting someone either professionally or casually. Try as much as you can not to do this. Do not get your fingers restless, scratching your cheek or your head; they are totally unlikable. Additionally, do not multitask, either to see who has pinged you or who just rang your phone; treat the person you are talking to with utmost attention.

  1. Use Your Hands

Hands are as well important part of a conversation so use it. But do not cross them across your chest as this might signal disinterest or boredom.  But do use your hand when talking for illustrations and analogy. Hands movement also helps to bring out the words from you.


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