Tonto Dikeh’s ex pulls the plug on reality TV show because it involves their son?

A magistrate court in Lagos has ordered Tonto Dikeh and Linda Ikeji not to air the much-anticipated ‘King Tonto’ reality TV show until the case is settled in court.

According to,  the court banned the duo from airing, showing, disseminating or broadcasting, either through television, blogs or the Internet the person, name, face, image, likeness or picture of King Andre Omodayo Igo Churchill in the King Tonto Reality TV Show produced by Linda Ikeji Media pending the hearing of the originating motion in the suit.

The injunction was reportedly given on the 31st of January, 2018.

The father of the boy, Olakunle Churchill, had gone to court to protect him from undue indecent exposure and exploitation by the mother for personal gain and fame.

Churchill approached the court to seek for an injunction which puts a stop to the respondent from featuring King Andrea in the programme in any capacity as he is regarded him as a minor not fit to make decision for himself.

The judge, Justice P. A Adekomaiya of Lagos magistrate court has ordered the issuance of the verdict to the parties involved…Story: Eveyo

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