Three reported dead after heavy rainfall in Northern Region

A heavy rainfall Saturday has led to the death of three people at Kabilma, a community in the Bole district of the Northern Region.

According to reports, the three people were in a tricycle popularly known in the area as motor king trying to cross a river called Yokanba between Dakurpe and Kabilma when they drowned.

The Bole District Director of the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) Mr Kipo Sulemana confirmed this to Adom News.

He said the rider of the motor king did not know the river had overflown its banks so in an attempt to cross it, it washed them away.

Mr. Sulemana added that, they quickly dispatched a search party who later found the bodies of the deceased.

Meanwhile, the bodies have been deposited at a hospital in Dakurpe, a community in the area awaiting autopsy.

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