Three Major Lapses That Can Break Your Relationship

You can’t stop problems from flopping into the relationship, no matter how perfect the relationship is. Problems that can crop up in a relationship are as follows:

  1. Lack of communication. Every relationship begins with a good communication but as days decades, its also fade off thinking that they’ve got to know each other better. When communication become less in the relationship, it gradually crave their interests and attention.

  2. Trust. Do you really trust your partner? Do you think your partner is capable to make decisions for both of you? Do you feel comfortable when your partner goes out with others for dinner? If you find yourself dating someone you don’t trust, my dear, you need to decide on your next step.

  3. Time. Spending time with each other in a relationship is very important. Spend evening going out on movie show or ice cream date with your partner. These are made for great conversation and will bring both of you closer. Spending too much time away from your partner is very crucial problem that need to watch out for.
    Let the above be your guide and you’ll have a long term relationship .

Compiled by: Royal Miss Felicia Favour Agyei Adams

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