The Overwhelming Work by Our MP in SUHUM dazes the Opposition – Outfit of Suhum MP

The outfit of the Member of Paliament for Suhum has today May 29th, made a press statement in reference to a release made by a group called “Media Watchdogs” accusing the Media Aid of the MP for hijacking the number of Mathematical sets distributed by the Mp to the 2018 BECE candidates.



I write to advance a response to and to expose the true intentions of the media watchdogs Gh on the above subject. To begin with, I wish to draw the attention of the said group which claims to be proficient media men that my write-up captioned ‘SUHUM MP DISTRIBUTES OVER 1,800 MATH SETS TO 2018 BECE CANDIDATES……….’ was not a press statement but a story. As seasoned journalists that they wish us to believe, they shouldn’t be oblivious of the difference between the two.

Now to the substantive issue, I will like to give a breakdown of the number of mathematical sets distributed by the MP of Suhum to clear the dust thrown into the air by the media watchdogs. Before given the breakdown I will like to emphatically state that we did indeed distribute over 1,800 math sets and our friends from the media watchdogs could have asked for the breakdown instead of rushing to the media with their deceptive piece. The evidence of the breakdown I am about to give are in the 79 JHS that will be sitting for the BECE in the municipality this year and can be verified by anyone who wishes to. The breakdown is as follows. 1) A total of 1,764candidates benefitted which gives 1,764 math sets. 2) A total of 79 BDT or Mathematics Teachers benefitted from the exercise. This gives 79 math sets. 3) 43 identified needy pupils who are either in J1 or J2 benefitted.

The summation of the number of math sets from these three groups of beneficiaries gives a grand total of 1,886 and I sincerely hope our media watchdog brothers who are sniffing at the wrong places and very good with arithmetic will arrive at the same figure. The question I will like to ask my friend is whether the figure 1,886 is over or below 1,800?

Without diabolic motives our media watchdog brothers could have asked for this breakdown instead of rushing to the media to throw mud at this generous initiative from the renowned member of parliament of the constituency. Our media watchdog brothers headed by Gosh the Vigilante from the onset of the polling station elections have been issuing series of untrue write-ups targeted at soiling the unblemished character of our experienced and well mannered Member of Parliament of the constituency. We are fully aware of the reasons for their retrogressive activities in the constituency but have decided not to respond or reply them in kind because we feel such exchanges will not be healthy for the NPP within the constituency. We are strongly of the believe that as members of the same family we are not suppose to wash our dirty linens outside due to our individual political interest. Our brothers must exercise civility and maturity in their political activities and schemes so that peace will reign in our constituency before, during and after the next parliamentary primaries in the constituency. We the supporters of the popular MP of the constituency will not like to engage in any exchanges that will mar the political fortunes of the party in the constituency. In line with our resolution, this very first response to their incessant falsehood is also our last. We completely refuse to be drawn into anything that will jeopardize the political fortunes of the party. The supreme interest of the party is paramount to us than our individual interest unlike our brothers.

I am by this release calling on our media watchdog brothers to smoke the peace pipe with us and halt peddling falsehood in the name of working for their preferred parliamentary candidate for the next primaries. They must as a matter of urgency get their dogs to sniff at the right places before they catch rabies.

Long live the NPP

Long live the Suhum constituency


Ayensu Stephen
Media Aide to the MP of Suhum

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