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By Dr.Sani Adamu

The ripples created by the unpopular action of the Supreme Court judgement in the Imo governorship tussle is getter louder by the day.

The Peoples Democrstic Party, PDP National Working Committee has called on all lovers of Democracy and good governance to peaceful and Non-violent demonstration on Monday 20th January 2020.

The call is for civil disobedience against the current State of affairs in the Country, especially the apparent mis-carriage of justice of the Supreme Court against the lawfully elected Governor of Imo State.

The APC government is no respecter of the rights of citizens to hold a dissenting view. Being a law-abiding citizen under the APC government is like receiving a slap and turning the other cheek to receive another slap. Beginning from the 2029 Presidential election result, the APC was determined to keep hold of government. From the election petition tribunal, to the appeals Court and then to the Supreme Court was one impunity after another.

I believe that the PDP National officers took everything for granted, right from the Court Proceedings of the Atiku cases. The PDP left all the processes to the candidates, and demonstrated no form of support or solidarity with the candidates. That was what happened to Atiku.

Throughout the duration of the Presidential election hearings and judgements, I can count the few presence of the PDP in Court. The Party officials did not attend the proceedings.

By then it is too late to make meaningful contribution.

The same thing happened to the Imo governorship issue. I can tell you that the National office of the PDP was not represented on the legal team of Atiku Abubakar or that of the Imo Governor. If there had been a competent representation or interest of the PDP on the legal team of the party’s candidate who won elections, none of this nonsense would have happened.

This is a failure of leadership of the PDP, and we need to take concrete steps, much more than demonstrations planned by the Party.

We need to take a stock of the entire 2019 elections, including the role of the secuirity agencies, the Judiciary and INEC. We also need to understand our individual and collective failure that generates  our Party the victory, freely given by over fifteen million Nigerians. The party should focus on internal soul-searching. So much stabbing on the back took place in the PDP.

The National officers have to collect bribes from candidates before they attend party events and campaigns. Other National, State or Local Government officials trusted with resources from the candidates divert them to personal use.

The party should bring in internal discipline among its ranks and file. I want inform the over-ambitious PDP Governors that the interest of the Party is above the interest of their short-sighted ambitions. We see Governors who have not made any impact in their States waste resources criss-crossing the Country in the name of 2023 Politics.

The ambitious Governors think that they were elected by the people of their respective States to play 2023 Presidential Politics at the expense of the States would better have a rethink and serve their State honourably.

This brings us to what I have always professed, that Atiku Abubakar and Peter Obi are the only assets the PDP have. Not only are they acceptable to over fifteen million Nigerians, they also have what it takes to face the 2023 elections. They have invested heavily in electioneering campaign assets, resources and strategies. Experience will also count in 2023. The party will do well to guard these assets jealously.

Another dimension established by the Supreme Court judgement of Imo State is the possibility that after getting away with the day light robbery is for the Presidency to continue to apply the same pressure on the Hon. Justices of Supreme Court.

The plan is to go all the way to get back (by coercion) all the other remaining judgements (Sokoto, Bauchi, Adamawa and Benue governorships elections to APC’s favour.

The APC leadership has demonstrated enough capacity to do everything under the Sun. The PDP needs to do more than just a peaceful demonstration.

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