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The Government of Ghana should act as a mother who is sensitive to the plight of her child


The Government of Ghana should act as a mother who is sensitive to the plight of her child





Coronavirus is tormenting the lives of Ghanaian Students in China

Ghanaian students in the Chinese city of Wuhan are stationed in their residence for a number of weeks due to the debacle that had confronted china and no one is shuddered (particularly the government of Ghana).

The nonchalance of the Government with regard to the issue is worrying.

The claim by Government for supporting the over 300 students in Wuhan with food is purely disingenuous and not even remotely true.

Now these students have been in the clutches of two equally hazardous alternatives of either moving out of their residence to contract the disease all in the name of searching for food or stay in their residence and die of hunger.
These students out of mercy have always been escaping the grip of death every single flash which isn’t going to be like this forever. Government must do something.

The best the Government of Ghana should do in this unfortunate occurrence is to Evacuate these students to a less prone area and this is viable.
This is viable because, Tunisia has evacuated its nationals. The UK has done same; not to talk of some African nations. So why not Ghana.
The lives of the over 300 students of Ghanaian nationals stationed in Wuhan means very well to us as a country and it’s also viable without doubt if government also does same by evacuating them.

I will commend Usag and Nhasag for adding their voice to this call and urge the National Union of Ghana students (Nugs) to come out from their quiet stance and speak for the voiceless Ghanaian students studying in China as early as possible as peoples life are in duress in China.

It’s about time we put away the propaganda and put forth our struggle as a country and assist our brothers and sisters in Wuhan.





Mohammed Sadiq Gombilla
Formal Nugs President

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