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Takoradi girls’ DNA test, face-saving time for Ghana police – security expert

A Security Analyst, Mr. Sani Adeib has uttered, that new development that has surfaced in the Takoradi Girls Kidnapping issue with regards to finding out the DNA results of the bodies found is a correct timing for the Ghana Police involved in the issue to redeem the trust that has been lost in them in the whole issue.

The story of the Kidnapped Takoradi trio became the talk of the country way back 2018 and since then there have been a series of events taking place day in day out.  Recently a new development resurfaced when the police discovered some human remains behind the Kansaworodo residence of the prime suspect, Samuel Udoetuk Wills who is standing trial.

The families of the girls are requiring an independent Forensic investigation, as for now, two families have agreed to the examination but one parent of one of the missing girls said he is not willing to cooperate with the police as he expressed mistrust in them.

Father of Priscilla Mantebea Kuranchie, Alexander Kuranchie said We were here at the time of their operation and even when they found that there was something in the septic tank, they could have called us to come and witness before they take those things out. But the things have been taken and then sent to Accra before they came to inform us, so I am in doubt.”

When an independent body is a setup I will submit myself, but if the police are those going to do the test, I don’t think [I’ll submit myself to it]. I am suspecting a fishy deal so I cannot avail myself to the police.”

However, Mr. Sani Adeib in an interview with Focus FM’s Boakye Nyamekye Isaac said this is the opportune time for the police to redeem their lost confidence in the eyes of the family regarding the case, according to him, when the whole issue broke out there should have been a liaison officer to communicate between the police and the family, else these issues of mistrust wouldn’t have been an issue now.

He gave a brief explanation on the concept of DNA and stated that even after a million years DNA can be performed whether using a femur or the teeth so for now, the family should agree for the police to conduct the forensics and still if they have any doubt with respect to the results they can contract an independent body to conduct the examination.

‘‘It can always be performed so there is no way they would use some other person bones because it would be a big dent on the police that has already lost so much confidence within the public space, and so I think this is a face-saving opportunity for the police to restore some level of confidence in them, in the eyes of the public and particularly the in the eyes of the relatives of the girls.’’

He further advised Ghanaians to cultivate a sense of security in our homes and workplaces.

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