Mr George Akom who is an lnformation Systems Expert, Educationist and also the Assistant Registrar at Ghana Technology University Kumasi Campus has iterated that for the country to combat crime and provide effective security in this modern era would be largely dependent on information technology and surveillance systems that could provide real time monitoring of activities at the various locations of the country and beyond..

He bemoaned about the past and present secret killings which have become rampant in our country and the difficulty in apprehending the culprits.

He emphasized that our present circumstances in all aspect of our lives which have been polarized by political activities, corruption and indiscipline would require a different approach for our security.

He added that human to human policing without the support of technology and other surveillance systems would not provide any effective security to the citizens of the country.

“Although, police to citizen ratio is very crucial for our security and safety, effective policing which requires the provision of the needed sophisticated logistics, right and competent human resource, and responsive methodologies should be given priority”, Mr. Akom said.

He stressed that the UN standard of at least one Police Officer to five hundred citizens which Ghana has a deficit, the country could adopt technology and other modern security systems to address the challenges we have with our human resource.
The use of these technologies and surveillance systems could provide the country with three primary approaches of addressing aspects of deterrence, forensic and interdiction of suspects and culprits.

He opined that the present situation we are in where many criminals are adopting smart methodologies for their activities, it requires for security agencies to also be equipped with smart, intelligent, surveillance and sophiscated systems to monitor all activities at all times, whether in the day or in the night.

Mr. Akom said, “The utility of public surveillance systems for crime prevention purposes is that potential offenders will refrain from criminal activity if they know they are being watched and believe they are at greater risk of apprehension”.

He mentioned that these surveillance and technology tools would provide an integrated network approach of interdependence for our security, emergency response and criminal justice system of a greater efficiency of crime identification, crime investigation and prosecution.

Information and surveillance technologies when used by Security Agencies and Emergency Response Units would provide them with seamless exchange of data that would provide them a benefit of improved information flows to respond more efficiently and effectively in critical situations by alerting police of crimes and potentially dangerous situations as they occur and providing crucial information that can help police determine the safest way in which to respond and provide solutions.

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