Akua Aboagyewa a pooling station women organizer of the NPP in the suhum constituency, has today 27th July made a press release to blame the MCE for Suhum, Hon Margaret Darko Darkwah for sharing Disability funds to family and friends.


There is a national policy that mandates every District Assembly in the country to give a percentage of its share of the Common Fund from the central government to disables in the district. This is done to ensure that these disables will live off our streets as beggars. This policy has been going on for years and has aided these venerable groups of our citizenry live decent lives and also earns societal respect and approval since most of them have been gainfully employed through the judicious distribution of the funds.
It has come to the notice of the Truths Forum that apart from incompetently wasting party of the funds to organize an unnecessary ceremony for the distribution of the funds this year in the Suhum Municipality a chunk of the funds and the items distributed landed in wrongs hands. Thus those who are neither disabled nor poor but are either friends or family of the MCE of Suhum, Hon Margaret Darko Darkwah benefited from this year’s distribution.

We are reliably informed with substantial prove that Teacher Kudjo an Assemblyman and the Assembly’s Finance and Administration (F&A) chairman took home a refrigerator. Madam Hannah Asantewa, the current NPP Constituency Woman Organizer and a close friend of the MCE also got a refrigerator from the distribution of the said disability fund although not disabled. We are also told that Samuel Baah (GOSH), the Media Aide of the MCE also received a cash amount of Five Hundred Ghana Cedis (GHC500) from the distribution. There are still many unworthy beneficiaries who benefited from the disbursement of the funds this year at the expense of disables in the municipality which will be exposed by the Truths Forum in due time. It is on records that even the chairman and the executives of the disables in the Municipality was not consulted neither did they not benefit from the disbursed disability funds this year.
It is culturally, morally and religiously imprudent to steal from the poor and venerable in society. In fact it is a shameless act and a criminal offense that attracts divine punishment.

We the members of the Truths Forum totally condemn this great injustice perpetuated by the MCE of Suhum and call on the president of the Republic of Ghana, His Excellency Nana Addo to as a matter of urgency constitute an independent body to conduct a thorough investigation into the disbursement of the disability funds this year and to retrieve the monies and items that landed in wrong hands for the deprived disables in the municipality.

The activities of the MCE and the Municipal Social Welfare Coordinator in the disbursement of the funds this year also require serious investigation and appropriate sanctions. The deprived beneficiaries in the municipality are weeping and crying out for assistance and their genuine concerns must be given the deserved attention and action.

The Truths Forum: We speak nothing but the truth.


Akua Aboagyewa a pooling station women organizer of the NPP in the suhum constituency.

The women organizer therefore pleaded with the President of the republic if Ghana, His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo to call the MCE to Order.

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