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Students David hails Pres. Weah for early preparation of Liberian Students ahead of 2019 WASSEC Exam

August 14. The Dux of the Sime Darby Central high School Student Rebecca David has hailed President George Weah through the Ministry of Education for their early preparation of Liberian Students ahead of the just ended 2019 WASSEC Exam.

Speaking at the Sime Darby School graduation exercise over the weekend, Student Rebecca David said the early preparation in the just ended 2019 WASSEC exam by the government led to positive results for students in the Country.

“This is nothing about politics, but government deserved these praises and all of us Liberians must be thankful to the President” she disclosed.

Student Rebecca David at the same time commanded the government of Liberia for the successful payment of their WASSEC exam fees.

Meanwhile, She is calling on the management of Sime Darby Company to implement the issues of scholarships for the best five performance students from the Sime Darby School as stated in the Concession agreement between they and the Liberian government.

“We look forward to the Company management to fully equip the science lab for students at the school to continue scoring mark in science courses to make the company proud” Student David recommended.

She also stressed the need for the company management to speedily address the issue of the damaged School Buses as problem that students attending the company school are facing.

By Shadrach D. Brown, Liberia

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