Stop lying to young girls – Miss Vimbai throws shade at Laura Ikeji and others

A Zimbabwean media personality identified as Miss Vimbai has called out female celebrities like Laura Ikeji, who flaunt their luxurious lifestyle on social media with claims that they achieved it all via hardwork.

You will recall that earlier this week, Laura Ikeji, who is known for flaunting her wealth, got herself a hot ride as a birthday gift with claims of having worked hard to earn the money.

Well, Miss Vimbai has cautioned such ladies whom she says are sending the wrong message to young girls who do not know that most of what those celebrities flaunt on social media were gotten from men and not any handwork as they love to claim.

Miss Vimbai also advised ladies to stay calm and stop acting like they are the enterpreneur of the year when the business they have hasn’t really fetched them up to N20m annual turnover.

She advised such ladies to take the back seat and learn from those that are actually living the life, instead of dishing out advice on how to be successful. Read her Instagram post below.

If your expensive handbag is a gift, that’s ok. If your first luxury car was a gift from hubby that’s great. If you travel in luxury courtesy of bae that’s cool too. If your talent is social media, embrace it and earn off it. BUT please stop lying to young girls about how hard you have worked, and giving terrible advice about how to build this or that and how to be successful in business or have a high flying career. STOP IT!! If your business hasn’t made at least N20m turnover per annum, please just book a seat in the audience and pay attention to those who have done it. There is no shame in it and it doesn’t make you any less of a respectable woman. Making it in life begins with harnessing your truth 👌🏾#TableShaker#MondayMotivation#MoreProfitsLessPackaging

miss vimbai

Her use of Nigerian Naira appears as a shade to Nigerian female celebrities who love to flaunt a new ride or house on social media and basing it all on hardwork. The current trend now is posing in private jets, a thing they do to show they are in a different league.

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