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Indecipline leads Africa failed to taste glory in FIFA World -Ex-Nigeria star Celestine

Former Nigeria defender Celestine Babayaro believes the FIFA World Cup trophy has eluded African nations due to their lack of discipline.

Africa is yet to taste glory in the quadrennial FIFA tournament after 21 editions.

The closest a country from the continent has come is a quarter final stage, which was Cameroon, Senegal and Ghana in 1990, 2002 and 2010 respectively.

According to Babayaro, the dream remains distant to African countries due to their lack of discipline.

“If you talk about (winning) the World Cup it will take a long time,” he told BBC.

“Don’t forget I used to play for the national team of Nigeria, the difference is massive. For some reason our African teams are not as disciplined as the European sides and this is I being honest.

“I have seen the way the Europeans do their things. The discipline is so different.

For us to be able to win the World Cup it will take a while unless if we get our act right before we can see a World Cup coming to Africa.

Though Nigeria became Olympics champions in 1996, Babayaro, who was part of the team, says it is a different ballgame to the world finals.

“The Olympics is the Olympics, the youth competitions are the youth competitions – it’s nothing like the grade A level which is the World Cup.

“The World cup is a different ball game, different animal. To be able to win that, it takes a lot of things to come together. You can’t have half and half.

“Everybody has to be on point. From the federation we need to stop hearing these things when you are in camp that this person has not been paid his wages or salaries or his bonuses things like that,” he concluded.

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