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SPERM LEAKAGE: How Do I Know As A TTC Mom That This Will Or Won’t Pose A Problem To My Conception?

A healthy ejaculation contains between 20million to 400million sperm cells. And all you need to conceive is just one healthy sperm which can swim against all odds to meet the eggs in your fallopian tubes.

You as a TTC mom crying hopelessly and on verge of giving up started this struggle as a sperm cell and defeated other millions to swim relentlessly against all odds to become a woman you are today. So why give up now?

Back to topic, what happens after intercourse is that a lot of sperm does leak out but some of it remains in the back of the vagina called posterior fornix and an even smaller amount makes it through the cervix, into the uterus and down the fallopian tubes. It is in the Fallopian tubes that the sperm and eggs meet necessitating conception. The bottom line is that some of sperm leakage will in no way prevent pregnancy provided you don’t suffer from other fertility problems and the few exceptions I will list below.


A healthy sperm is made up of
A)The head (To fuse with ovum/egg)
B)The body (which provides energy)
C)The tail (for swimming/movement)

To ensure pregnancy, all parts of the sperm must be complete and healthy otherwise it becomes a case of male infertility.


A woman who suffers from PID/pelvic infections will induce the immune system to release anti sperm antibodies which attacks the heads of sperm cells upon ejaculation, thereby weakening it’s ability to impregnate the cervical mucus and the rest of the sperm would pour out through the vagina. This is why couples are advised to treat infections first before trying to get pregnant.

A woman with retroverted uterus is one whose womb is positioned before the bladder.
A normal positioned uterus known as anteverted uterus is positioned behind the bladder and few inches below the belly button.
A retroverted uterus interferes with the progress of the sperms moving into the womb. However the woman with this condition can easily conceive using doggy style during intercourse.
Deep penetration and orgasm also help pull the sperm into the womb.

Blocked Fallopian tubes is one of the causes of infertility in women.
Since conception takes place in the tubes, blockage could force the sperms to flow back out. In a case whereby only one tube is blocked, this won’t cause a problem as the woman can go on to conceive as many babies as she wants.
I sincerely hope that I have been able to help you understand the topic of sperm leakage a little better

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