Shocking!!!! Group Caught Having “Mass Sex” At “Mehame

There are people who probably don’t mean to be caught having sex for all the Internet to see but it’s so unfortunate these people have been caught.

A group of 6 which includes 3 men and 3 women have been caught having sex in a farm at “Mehame” a village closer to Accra.

One of the women bared all as the three couples got carried away with their tripple style rated display at around 3pm on Monday.

A shocked witness snaped photos of the Sixsome’s steamy sex session after mistakenly believing they were enjoying something else as group of farmers

The bystander said: “It looked as though one of the women was scratching her crotch quite a lot. So, I looked a little closer and I realised it was a sex scene.”

In our part of the world having sex in the farm or bush is a taboo but it’s quite shocking these can of weird behaviors still exist.

The group according to sources were identified as farmers who have farms at Mehame.


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