See Why People Are Saying Anas Should Be Interrogated Over His Friend’s Death

A section of the public are now calling on the state security agencies to interrogate award winning investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas over the death of the former member of the Tiger Eye PI team, Ahmed Suale

The very people who were formerly staunch allies of Anas are now questioning his behavior subsequent to the contract killing of his former colleague.

It would be recalled that, few minutes after the news about the death of the late Ahmed Suale broke, Anas in a rush, posted an old video of the Member of Parliament for Assin Central, Hon Kennedy Agyapong threatening to deal with Ahmed Suale if he ever comes near his property(Net2) again.

For this reason, a section of the public are asking law enforcement agencies and investigators to treat Anas Aremeyaw himself as a prime suspect in the case.

Many of them believe that, Anas posting that video on social media amidst the sudden death of his former ally is a deliberate attempt to shift the attention of investigators and the public to Member of Parliament for Assin Central, Honourable Kennedy Agyapong.

According to some of them, Anas knew his colleague was going to be assassinated some day and they believe that was his reason for keeping the video until now. Others are also asking why Anas in possession of that video all these while, did not report Honorable Kennedy Agyapong to the police but waited for his friend to be killed

Honorable Kennedy Agyapong in a rebuttal to Anas video said Anas should rather be investigated because he might have “eliminated” his partner because “he knows too much” and wants to pin the blame somewhere else.

The honorable member of parliament further alleged that, a text message available shows that Ahmed and Anas had had some misunderstandings recently which led to Anas killing him for falling out of the team.

Social media users who clearly agree with Kennedy Agyapong made the following comments:

“In fact i dnt understand why u people are blaming ken coz this same Anas denied the fact that those pictures ken releases was not none of his team members so why now,, R.i.P”

“He (Anas) attached the video simply to divert attention. what Ken said was his opinion. U people have decided to do this risky job so these are some of the occupational hazards. If u people are doing genuine journalism let see ur face as ur colleagues are doing. Ur hands are not clean but u keep chasing people using dubious and unscientific methodologies. Allow state institutions who are paid with our tax to do their work.”

“Attaching this video clearly means the guy was killed by his own people, so in other to divert attention let’s put out this video to remind Ghanaians what someone said. These people easily kill members who betrays them. Like the drug lords…”

“Plot Twist: Anas kills an innocent guy to put Ken Agyapong in a box.

“Anas himself must be investigated for this one, maybe the guy wanted to come out with their plans or plottings. Everything is possible. TRUST NO ONE EXCEPT GOD”



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