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See how a lady discovered that her new man is already married

An anonymous lady on Facebook has shared the story of how she discovered that a man she was already considering having a relationship with is already married. She said she met him through a friend and they grew fond of each other since then. After finally agreeing to meet, she discovered something…


A friend of mine introduced me to this guy they live in the same city. I live in another city. So we got talking and grew fond of each other. 
He decided to visit so we could meet get to know ourselves better and step up things. 
Two days to his visit, after our usual long hours talk, I saw a new pic he’d posted only to see a comment of someone asking him to greet madam. You know in Nigeria, a man’s madam is either his wife or fiancee. So as a smart babe na, I looked up this commenter’s profile and mutual friends witg my guy and voila “madam” pops up.
I see wedding pics, honey moon pics, etc. He’d never mentioned to me that he’dbeen married. He only told me of some lady he’d done like 70% marriage rites but didn’t end up marrying her. So I was shocked. I sent him the wedding pic I saw and bobo tells me that it wasn’t an actual wedding but a cover up just not to shame her and her family. I asked if there was no exchange of vows, he said it didnt mean anything. I asked if there was no marriage certificate, he said no.
I said ok, to clear up things I’d like to speak with the lady to hear her side of the story if we must continue and that he should make that happen. Bobo flares up o….that why should I give him such evil condition….how can I expect him to even establish a connection with that lady again after all he’s been through bla bla bla, I should trust him and all that emotional blackmail stuff. I insisted that I need to clarify things cos I don’t want surprises and being tagged a husband snatched. He refused on the grounds that he can never talk to this lady or let me talk to her, that her views will be tainted with malice and untruths. His reason for leaving her was because she had married and divorced before she met him but did not tell him.
I am not convinced and I know there are two sides to a story. Should I go ahead on my own and talk to this lady behind his back?
Will she even open up to me?
I’ve already tried contacting her via fb messenger but she wouldn’t respond. What do I do?


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