See why this lady abandoned a job interview!

Consistent reports of job interviews in Nigeria recently, have turned into a comical display.Unarguably, certain incidences reported ranging from an Enugu State Teaching Job interview (English Language) where a young man was asked to outline a chronicle of the history of traditional leaders to Lagos, to another similar but more outrageous incident where another man was asked to frog jump 50 times to test his agility, the spate of humors job interviews produce in the country is getting out of hand.

According to one Louisa Onah, a graduate of Enugu State University of Science and Technology, she went for a graduate intern job interview in Port-harcourt last week. There were about 50 people who came for the same mission but she managed to scale through the oral question phase. When about 20 of them were asked to wait outside for briefing, they thought their dreams have materialized.

In her words,
“We were still humming our excitements when one of the interviewers came out and called me inside. I followed this man with practiced gentility and curious silence.
We walked down the office hall then swerved left into his office. He offered me a seat. At first, I refused but he smiled me into the seat. He began by asking me my position in the family.

I was stunned by the question but I had to keep a straight face at the question. When I answered that he drew a heavy breath and let out the thunder bolt. He said that actually, their company is a young one and that they do not intend to take more than one person.

And being a newly birthed company, they will place my salary at 15k a month.

As he mentioned 15k, I recalled how I bought 1.5k mb to fill their form online; how I contacted them with my airtime and how much I spent to transport myself from Nsukka to Portharcourt. I stood up and left the office with a grimace without a word.”

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Please did this lady do the right thing? What would you have done if you were in her shoes? Let’s hear your say in the comment box.

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