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Africa culture keeps on yielding for its interesting and dynamicity of what number of have suffered to rehearse it. Music have continuously development the way of life with various types of gifts along with inventiveness of creative art.

FBM Muzik frontline and multi-genius artist DJ COZ continue driving his due thoughtfulness regarding his art. In spite of the fact that it’s a continuous procedure he keeps on discovering time to draw in crowds with verses of things occurring in our every day lives.

Promising isn’t exactly what he implied however scrutinizing his activity forcefully makes him stop in inventive craftsmanship.

Aside music his bond into trendy style when it ricochets into Modeling however haven’t make it formally. Whiles his set and prepares to release his new single “Uyoyo”, DJ COZ skirt drawing out a perspiration beautiful picture from the video shoot in his up and coming projects.

DJ COZ video for Uyoyo has just gone live but we bring you some behind the scenes pictures from their shoot. The video is directed by Kwame Boadi. All photos courtesy of FBM Muzik team.
See exclusive pictures from “Uyoyo” video shoot!


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