PHOTOS: Santasi Slay Queen Found Dead

Confirmed news boiling on the front desk of isn’t encouraging as one slay queen called Lizzy alias Bliss Queendy has been stripped and murdered in Santasi Apre, a suburb of Kumasi.
A relative speaking to blogger Adu Sarpeah of GhBase fame, posited that Bliss Queendy informed her relatives that she’s going out on Saturday, October 12, 2019 with friends to party.Unfortunately, relatives of Bliss Queendy as she’s called on social media woke up the next day (Sunday, October 13, 2019) to see her lifeless body.

It’s worth knowing that Bliss Queendy was found dead with foam coming out from her mouth, an indication that she was poisoned, allegedly.

But as it stands, police have started rigorous investigation basically to bring the perpetrators to book.

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