Sanitation: Mr. Eric Cudjoe an Assistant Environmental health Analyst at UDEMA Caution’s ladies who patronize public toilets about its health implications

Mr. Eric Cudjoe an Assistant Environmental health Analyst with the Upper Denkyira East Municipal Assembly in the Central Region of the republic of Ghana has cautioned ladies about the use of public toilet and its health hazards.

Speaking to Apatsea Isaac Kwasi a Freelance journalist, he said that, after careful studies about ladies who patronize public toilets he has come to a realization that most ladies who suffer diseases like white acquire them because of their patronage of public toilets.
He again mentioned that he and his team of researchers have visited a lot of places and have realized that most of our public toilets does not receive the needed care and as such ladies who patronises these places turn to acquire diseases.

He is therefore cautioning land Lords and land ladies to put up toilets in their houses in accordance with the laws of Ghana so that most of their tenants who are females can be little free from diseases. He again said that the ladies try us much as possible to keep themselves neat but when they visit the place of convenience they turn to acquire diseases and spend their hard earned money and time battling it.

He also said that officers incharge of Environment and sanitation issues in Ghana must ensure that the environmental laws are adhered to in order reduce the acquisition of disease like white by our ladies.

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Story line by Apatsea Isaac Kwasi 0206861354

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