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Sam George Celebrates 7 years of Marriage With Heartfelt Message To Wife

Outspoken politician and MP of Ningo Pampram on the ticket of NDC has today celebrated 7 years of marriage.

According to a post by Hon. Sam George in a post on facebook monitored by Virgin Blogger he said ” 7 years ago today, I took a seat at the table of Men. I married a woman and made her my wife. She perfected me. Made me whole. Complete. She has been my best friend ever since. My Rock. My Confidante. My Very Own. Mother of my sons and Lover of mine, I celebrate You and all You do with and for me. Despite the challenges of marriage, our love simply put is indescribable. I love you today, tomorrow and every tomorrow there after. I’d choose you all over again in a heartbeat a thousand times over. Enyo, akpe na mi”.

A successful marriage deserves a celebration which is worth the love, trust, partnership, tolerance, and tenacity of couples.

Moreover the Member of Parliament expressed his profound gratitude to his lovely wife for standing strong behind and went ahead to describe his gorgeous wife as His Rock which sounds so amazing.

Source: Virgin blogger/ www.modernafricaonline.com

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