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SAJ President sends new year’s message.

The President of Society of African Journalists, SAJ has sent his new year’s message to the members of the organisation.

In a press release signed by Michael Adeboboye, SAJ Ag. President, the Nigerian journalist said that blessing and favour made members witnessed new year 2020.

“It is a blessing that God has favoured us to see a new year. I’m banking on this favour to say happy year 2020 to all of us. It shall be a year of breakthrough, grace, blessing and renewed favour to all of us.

“The previous year 2019 was a very good year to us. It brought all of us together as one family of the African journalists, and subsequently as members of Society of African Journalists.

No doubt, it was a challenging year in which it seemed great dream deferred. However, the highlight of it is that we remained one family of African Journalists with commitments, determination and hope. In the face of turbulence of challenges, we didn’t stop moving. We keep the walk. I love your passion. It is simply my strength and joy with which I have seen a family in you. In fact, all of us are great family of journalists of African origin bonded by what we love and cherish: Journalism.

“It is not gainsaying that SAJ has permeated the whole Africa with leadership in all the five regions of our great continent with about 150 membership in about 25 different African countries. We hope to have more extension by expanding SAJ’s diaspora chapter which covers for now: Germany, UK and the USA”

“It wasn’t a bad year I must say. The objectives continue to wrap us in advocacy against oppression on our colleagues who are victims of cruel hacksaw of bad leadership and governance for the letting the society know some truth. Journalism is never a crime and we must continue to check our rulers at the gate of probity. Africa is a blessed continent and it is our duty to let our rulers know that they are the ones shortchanging the society with their insatiable greed. We must continue to hold government accountable.

“Year 2019, we were able to lend our loud voice to freedom songs laced with lyrics against incarceration of journalists in Somalia and Cameroon, condemned xenophobic attack in South Africa, Coup Detact in Ethiopia. Also, issued public statement against poor welfare and non payment of salaries of journalists in Nigeria by many media owners. We hope to do more in 2020. One of our objectives is to complement our sister journalists unions and associations’ rights advocacies across Africa and beyond the borders but not to rival them, although we have our own unique way of carrying out our objectives, yet journalism is our constituent, it is our duty to see the finest coming to our colleagues all over Africa. I appreciate the existence of over 10 Presidents of Journalists associations, unions and media societies from different African countries in our organisation”

“Society of African Journalists is no doubt our baby. We must all nurture this unique organisation to the realisation of its vision. I’m happy to have all of you in this sail. We have just started and this year 2020 shall be a year we landed on that shore of actualisation. The hope will turn a reality.

“Having all of you with me gives me endless joy. 2020 shall be a year of abundance of this joy and happiness. God willing, we shall have our general assembly. SAJ is no more a dream but a reality. Those who didn’t believe should wake up from slumber.

In the meantime, Adeboboye expressed appreciation to media organisations that had selflessly given publicity to the organisation in the year 2019 adding that all members should be ready in 2020 to give the organisation more publicity with their different platforms.

“I want to appreciate all our members who are using their media to project us. AYV, Newspaper in Sierra Leone, Internews network in Ghana, New Nigerian online, authentic news daily, Gamji reporters, Eastern times Zimbabwe Maikem’s Dairy, Cameroon, Daily News Proper, News Web Express, the Telescope, Somali top News, Somalia, allafrica, and Crystal Lens Faafa FM, Ghana. I want to specially thank Mr. Ashraf Dalli, President of Association of Asian Journalists for his commitment and publicity. All of us have done well one way or the other. From regular update of our social media platforms to translation of our objectives to active participation in discourse and even reading. 2020, I will want all of us to take publicity of SAJ a priority”

“Once again, I wish all of you a prosperous 2020.

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