Prison Break: 200 Prisoners Escapes From Koton Karfe Prison In Kogi

Heavy rainfall  in the wee hours of  Monday morning  in Koton -Karfe,  Local Government Area of Kogi State led to the collapse of the Koton Karfe Medium Prison walls which subsequently gave way  for about 200 inmates to escape from the facility .

According to a prison official, “the early morning downpour caused River Osugu to overflow its banks, washing away parts of the prison walls and causing some of the prisoners to run for their lives”.


However , the official stated about 100 of the prisoners have given themselves up or have been rearrested by security personnel.

“Those that have returned to custody are been transfered to other prison facilities in the state as the Koton Karfe Prison is no longer inhabitable”, he further explained

He also stated efforts by security agencies are in full swing to arrest the rest of the prisoners who are still at large .

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