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Princess Shyngle speaks for the first time after her suicide attempt

Actress and socialite Princess Shyngle has finally broken her silence after news of her alleged suicide attempt went viral.

A few days back, we reported that the Ghanaian based the Gambian socialite has been rushed to a hospital in Lagos Nigeria after she took an overdose of drugs which many believe was in an attempt for her to commit suicide.

Princess Shyngle today has spoken about the whole thing and has really explained what happened and her reason is contrary to what has been reported in the media space.

According to Princess Shyngle, she was not admitted because she tried killing herself but it was because she had a nervous breakdown.

She posted on her Instagram:

“Thanks to everyone who showed me love and support these past few days… contrary to what was posted in the news I didn’t try to take my life… I have been opened about my battle with depression, I had a relapse and a nervous breakdown which landed me in the hospital.

“I never took anything, I am at the right place now and at a right time i will address and talk more about depression…depression is real,”.

See screenshot of her post below;

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