PRAGYA (OKADA) Association inTechiman Donates to proposed BONO East Regional creation campaign

PRAGYA (OKADA) Association inTechiman Donates to proposed BONO East Regional creation campaign.

The PRAGYA Association is an association of riders of Tricycle for taxi services popularly called “Mahama Camboo” in Techiman in the Brong Ahafo region. Members of the association led by their chairman, Awal Mohammed, have donated 100 gallons of fuel to Nananom of Techiman Traditional Council to aid the campaign for creation of new region called Bono East. The riders who are natives of Techiman have pledged to support their chiefs and elders in the their bid to create the said region and have promise to be “Agent for Yes Campaigners” in Techiman.
Mr Awal,said its our duty as natives to support of Chief for such important initiative.
However, the chairman is appealing to government through the ministry of Transport to review the road traffic regulation act 2012, section 128: motor cycle and tricycles shall not be used for commercial purpose. We believe at the time of enactment of this law in 2012, tricycle taxi were not imported into Ghana. We think the law should be looked at to give the timing jobless youth job and hope. If the law is repealed, Ghana stands the chance of creating new job for the youth, the Libya returnees will can be gainfully employed in tricycle taxi, the vehicle fuel consumption is low and will safe government hard earned foreign currency from high cost of importation of crude oil, also I suggest that Sarfo Kantanka should be encouraged to develop the tricycles to create job for many others and will help to stop exportation of job to India as this tricycles are developed in India.

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