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Political Violence in Togo

The reactions continue to be fueled everywhere following the demonstration of 19 August organized by the PNP of Tikpi Atchadam. Lastly, that of the Tem community of the diaspora of Germany. In a recent statement, she said she was indignant at what she called violent and brutal methods of the security forces in Sokodé.

For the Tem community of Germany, the demonstration on August 19 was an opportunity for the police to “mishandle” the inhabitants of the city with a thousand mosques.

She spoke of a “manhunt, wild raids of young people, beatings even in private homes, mosques, menacing day and night patrols operated by bearded commandos who had come especially from Kara, do not hesitate to question, to beat or to arrest anyone dressed in red “.

The statement also said that no more than Tuesday, violence continued on the populations with illegal excavations.

“Clothes, cupboards, some personal and intimate objects are carried away without anyone having the right to stumble,” she laments.

Given this state of affairs, which she describes as a climate of fear in Sokodé, the Diaspora Tem of Germany mentions that the army of a country, dressed and nurtured by the taxpayer, must be at the service of the people and the respect. Thus, she adds, her role is not to interfere with the activities normally assigned to the police and the gendarmerie.

“We remind the de facto President of Togo, Faure Gnassingbe, of his role in embodying peace and unity on the whole national scale,” the statement said.

Recall that during the manifestations of Sokodé, the slips were noted on both sides. Protesters set fire to the police station in the locality and took away some tools from the police. Motorcycles and cars had also been burned.

Source: togobreakingnews

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